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J2534 Training and Technical Resources

Time:2015-10-13 Click:1801

JDiag has conducted various training seminars on getting started with re-flashing. We have compiled some basic information on training and getting started from our experience:

Website Help Center
If you are new to J2534, visit our technical help center online here. You'll find details on reflashing for each automaker, tips to get started, and links to our how-to videos.

J2534 Toolbox
Every JDiag J2534 product includes a comprehensive support program called the J2534 Toolbox. The J2534 toolbox offers our users the following:

  • Links to OEM websites
  • Job-aids such as VIN reprogramming and ECU controller identification
  • ECU procedures such as Crank Angle Relearn
  • Regular posts of manufacturer problems and fixes.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Industry Announcements available also.
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